How do I Become a Team Coordinator?

Sheri Cyprus

If you want to become a team coordinator, you'll need to prove your leadership ability. Team coordinators must lead a group of people to complete objectives set by upper management. People with at least a few years of supervisory experience are preferred to lead a team, but college or university courses may help you land a coordinator job. Previous experience as a corporate event planner may help get you jobs coordinating teams since a team coordinator must also be extremely organized and communicative.

Team coordinators must lead a group of people to complete objectives set up by upper management.
Team coordinators must lead a group of people to complete objectives set up by upper management.

Coordinators are basically junior level managers, so you must show managers that you can supervise a team of people and get work done in teams if you want to become a team coordinator. The ability to delegate is important, as a manager doesn't expect a team coordinator to personally do all the work, but rather put a group of employees to good use for the benefit of the company. Organization and time management skills are necessary in efficiently coordinating a team of workers to complete projects.

Since coordinators work in almost any field, it may be easiest to try and become a team coordinator in an industry you have some experience in or knowledge about. You'll have to promote your educational and work background when applying to become a team coordinator for a company. It may help to list on your resume your accomplishments on projects in which you had a leadership role.

In addition to strong leadership skills, you should develop experience and expertise in the type of corporate coordination you wish to specialize in. For instance, an information coordinator understands how to access and use a database to email communications to team members. A media and public relations coordinator handles outbound company communications. Design build coordinators are more likely to be hired in a team coordinator position if they have knowledge of the building and contracting industry.

Volunteer experience may be able to help you become a team coordinator. Many nonprofit groups prefer to hire team coordinators who have been volunteers for a number of years. Likely candidates for coordinator positions are those who are extremely reliable and show dedication to the nonprofit's cause. If you want to become a team coordinator at a nonprofit, getting along with others as well as proving your leadership ability is the best way.

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