How Do I Become a Certified Wireless Network Administrator?

Helen Akers
Helen Akers
Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

Taking certification courses and passing the courses' required exams is an essential step for those who wish to become a certified wireless network administrator. Some candidates who might have future goals to advance beyond entry-level positions obtain a two or four-year computer science degree. A few organizations that employ wireless network administrators may require a bachelor's degree on top of professional certification. Experience as a support representative and familiarity with wireless network troubleshooting are often required as well.

Someone who wants to become a certified wireless network administrator might want to complete a four-year bachelor's degree in order to open up the widest range of career possibilities. Related degrees include systems engineering, computer information systems, and computer science. While a two or four-year degree is not required to complete certification, the knowledge gained from a degree's curriculum may support the successful completion of the courses. The completion of a professional certification course and exam is necessary in order to become a certified wireless network administrator.

Professional courses may be available through local colleges, computer industry organizations, online vendors, or major computer industry software and hardware developers. These courses usually cover how wireless technology can be used to set up local area networks (LANs), how radio frequency technology operates, how to design efficient wireless networks, and the issues related to wireless network security. Obtaining passing scores on the certification courses' final exams is usually mandatory to enter the profession.

Prior to completing certification, an aspiring wireless network administrator may want to gain experience in entry-level support positions. For example, the job duties associated with being a help desk or information systems technician may familiarize someone with troubleshooting techniques, as well as the hardware and software components of wireless networks. Some organizations may also hire certified professionals for assistant or support positions and place them on a development track to become a certified wireless network administrator. When searching for an entry-level position, it is a good idea to search Internet job boards, use professional social networking sites, and work with staffing agencies that specialize in the information technology industry.

An individual should keep in mind that in order to become a certified wireless network administrator, he will probably need to gain experience with system design and engineering. Many future systems engineers acquire this experience by supporting an organization's senior systems engineers and administrators. While in an entry-level or support position, those who wish to advance should seek out opportunities to work on special projects, actively contribute ideas, and learn as much about wireless technology and design as possible.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer