How Do I Become a Network Administrator Assistant?

Amy Rodriguez
Amy Rodriguez
Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

A mixture of education, hands-on experience, and certification is needed for you to become a network administrator assistant. Since you will usually work alongside a senior administrator, you should be knowledgeable about computer network maintenance and repair. Candidates for this position will need to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in an appropriate field. It is also good practice to learn about a variety of different technologies within the computer industry to strengthen your value to an employer.

An associate's or bachelor's degree is needed to become a network administrator assistant. The degree should be earned in field related to computers, such as information technology or computer science. In addition, you must understand both the hardware and software used in a typical computer network; as an assistant, you will perform common duties like software installation, troubleshooting machines and handling network connection issues. Your degree should provide you with the most up-to-date information about technology used in the networks you plan to administer.

Volunteering at the college, such as working in the student computer laboratory, helps you gain experience with real networking systems and the school's network administrators. Working alongside active networking personnel will enhance your understanding of the system as a whole. You can ask questions and even practice simple networking techniques within the laboratory setting.

Understanding computer networking theories works well for classroom tests, but hands-on experience is invaluable for those who want to become a network administrator assistant. Many college programs include an internship period; these hands-on jobs typically occur at a local company under the direction of an experienced administrator. You will learn to apply the theories acquired in class to real life situations. As a result, your computer skills will improve and new networking ideas may emerge from brainstorming with the experienced administrator.

It is possible to receive an offer of employment from the internship company, especially if you are close to graduation. An intern who works diligently and asks intelligent questions can be seen in a positive light by supervisors; the experienced administrator may even suggest your potential employment to his or her supervisors if you apply your skills effectively and consistently. It is also good practice to keep in touch with the employees at the internship if graduation is still far off. You may find that the company asks for your employment application once you graduate.

Vendor certification is another route to becoming a successful assistant network administrator. Many computer companies offer technology courses designed specifically for their name brand. If the computer company certifies you after successful completion of the courses, you will have proprietary knowledge of that name brand to be applied at almost any potential employer. This is especially helpful if a desirable company has one dedicated name brand they use on a daily basis.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer