What Should I Consider When Choosing a Free Defensive Driving Course?

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There are many reasons to take a free defensive driving course. In many cases, after a traffic ticket, or a number of traffic tickets, a driver might be ordered to take a defensive driving course. A driver might also choose to take a free defensive driving course in order to get a ticket dismissed or to get points removed from a driver's license. Alternatively, one might choose to take a free defensive driving course simply to brush up on driving skills and to become a better, more competent driver.

In general, defensive driving courses are not free. They are available in local communities or online, but typically require at least a small fee. This is why, when choosing a free defensive driving course due to traffic violations, it is important to clear the course with the court, and make sure that it will count against your tickets. There is a chance it will, but it is very important to do this first, so you do not end up needing to take two different defensive driving courses.


In addition, when choosing a free defensive driving course, keep in mind that most courses meet on Saturdays and last all day. You will need to schedule your time accordingly. It is also important to be sure that the course provides a certificate of completion at the end, which must then be given to the court. Occasionally, car insurance companies will offer a percentage discount to those who take a defensive driving course; again, check this ahead of time, and be sure to obtain a certificate of completion to send to your insurance company.

Taking a free defensive driving course online can be a way to brush up on your skills independently, and on your own time without taking up a full Saturday. However, it is somewhat unlikely that a free online course will be accepted by the court. In all defensive driving courses, drivers are taught the concept of anticipating danger and constantly scanning ahead and all around to see where potentially dangerous situations could arise, then taking steps to prevent them.

This type of driving course is important, and may be beneficial for teens to take as well, after receiving their driver's license, or learner's permits. It is sometimes recommended that older drivers take a course such as this in order to stay focused on the road. In that case, a free defensive driving course could be an excellent option.



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