How do I Choose the Best Defensive Driving Class?

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Defensive driving classes offer training in safety techniques and are typically used for removing or reducing traffic tickets, and in turn lowering insurance costs. These courses may also be taken simply to improve driving skills. Classes are generally available in person, through a school or courthouse, for example, or via the Internet. When searching for the best defensive driving class, consider the reason for taking the course, cost, and convenience.

If you are taking a defensive driving class due to traffic tickets, consider the cost of the course versus your fines. Even if the cost of the defensive driving class is equal to or greater than the fine, the course may reduce points on your driving record. That can equal an overall cost savings on insurance.

Internet courses may be the most convenient, because they are generally low-cost and may be completed at any time and place with an online connection. Convenience may not be the most important factor, however, if the course is being taken to improve personal driving skills. In this case, an in-person course may be the best option, simply because there tends to be more personalized and in-depth instruction.


For traffic ticket dismissals or reductions, make sure the defensive driving class you choose will be accepted by the agency that issued the traffic ticket. Failing to take this precaution can result in spending money for a class that will not remove points from one's driving record. An attorney, law enforcement agency, or a motor vehicle agency can likely recommend a defensive driving class that will be approved. These sources will also know which courses are the best and which ones will be approved for removing or reducing traffic tickets. After the course is completed, the driving school will typically issue a certificate of completion to the agency that issued the traffic ticket.

In an attempt to make defensive driving classes more entertaining, some schools employ a comedic approach. This may be done through cartoons, jokes by the instructor, or videos of traffic mistakes. Although these programs tend to be legitimate, it is largely a matter of personal preference as to whether these programs are truly entertaining.

The option of taking any defensive driving course as a response to traffic violations may not be available to everyone. The severity of the violation, prior offenses, and prior attendance at traffic school can all impact eligibility. Of course, anyone can take classes simply to improve their driving skills.



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