What Should I Consider When Choosing a Defensive Driving School?

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At some point in their lives, many drivers receive a traffic ticket or speeding violation. Some drivers opt to complete a defensive driving course to avoid paying a costly fine or having a mark on their driving records. Other drivers choose to complete this type of traffic school training to get a vehicle insurance discount. No matter what the reason, there typically are many things to consider before choosing the right defensive driving school for you, including cost, time, and overall convenience.

There are in-person, DVD/VHS, and online defensive driving school options available for drivers needing to complete the class and receive their defensive driving certificate. Depending on your schedule and budget, you should be able to find a defensive driving school to fit your personal needs. Some people also consider their preferred learning styles, like reading vs. interaction, before choosing a course.

Many people consider the in-person defensive driving school to be the most traditional way to complete the driving safety course. The cost for an in-person class varies from region to region, can depend on the number of students, and can be done in one session or spread throughout several sessions. Many of these types of classes are offered at driver education schools, and some are held at restaurants or comedy clubs that offer meals and humor. Many people who choose this type of class enjoy the interaction with others and want a structured class, set time blocks, and a written test.


Some drivers also have the option to complete DVD or VHS courses created by a remote defensive driving school. Typically with this type of course, the driver buys the DVD or VHS and watches it on his or her computer or television. The test usually is taken online or via telephone, and can be completed during and after watching the DVD. This type of defensive driving course can offer the choice of taking the course all at one time or spread out over time, depending on your scheduling needs.

Online defensive driving schools also are available to obtain the defensive driving certificate or discount on car insurance. These types of schools usually are certified, but drivers should check with their local agencies to determine if a particular online course meets legal requirements. Usually, these types of courses are completed on a computer and typically need an Internet connection. Students who choose this type of class usually prefer to take the course at their own pace and the online testing system.



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