How do I Learn Defensive Driving Techniques?

Practicing defensive driving techniques is the best way to avoid car accidents. Defensive driving means never trusting other drivers. Assuming that other people are being cautious is not in your best interest when on the road. You have to drive like the other people on the road don't know what they are doing. Watch other drivers very carefully, and always assume they aren't paying enough attention or don't see you.

The first and most important of the defensive driving techniques is to pay attention to the road. Stop messing with the radio, eating, and yelling at your children while driving. Even if your state still allows it, do not talk on your cell phone while driving. The only thing you should be doing is thinking about how to stay safe.

Speeding cuts your reaction time and creates more energy that has to be dispersed if a collision occurs. Always slow down to yield when you are coming to an intersection or when getting onto the freeway. Look down the road, not just at the road immediately in front of you. You need to be able to see dangerous situations that may be coming up the road. You should always have a full picture of the area around and ahead of you.


Make sure your car has enough space around it. The two second rule is one of the more popular defensive driving techniques. You should be at least two full seconds behind the car in front of you to make sure you have ample stopping time if a dangerous situation occurs.

Know your blind spots and how to see into them. If you are going to turn into the other lane, you need to know where your blind spots are to position yourself so you can see other drivers. Remember that it only takes a split second for an accident to occur.

It is never a good idea to drive while angry. Road rage is a very dangerous phenomenon and has ended in many deaths. Using your car as a weapon against others is never acceptable. In addition, never drive while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. It cuts reaction time and the ability to make correct and rational decisions. If you are taking prescription medication, ask your doctor if the drugs will make you too drowsy to drive.

Defensive driving is a skill that can only be developed with practice. There are classes that you can take to learn more about defensive driving techniques. Get on the Web or call your local DMV to find a class that will teach you more about defensive driving techniques.



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