How do I get Defensive Driving Training?

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There are a number of ways in which people can receive defensive driving training. Such training can be immensely helpful for drivers of all ages, as it prepares them for a wide range of driving situations and allows them to practice defensive maneuvers on a closed course. Drivers who complete defensive driving training tend to be more confident on the road, in addition to being safer drivers. Training may be available through an insurance company, a special driving center, a driving school, and other sources.

Some insurance companies offer defensive driving. One must usually be a policyholder, and pay a fee, but completion of the course makes drivers eligible for discounts on their insurance. Sometimes an insurance company will sponsor a defensive driving workshop which lasts a day or a weekend, and in other cases, it may be possible to attend a longer course, such as a week-long defensive driving training course. People who are interested in defensive driving may want to start by asking their insurance companies if they offer a course, or if there is a course which they recommend.


For older adults, there is another option. Some insurance companies and senior centers offer classes specifically developed for older drivers. They may not always be referred to specifically as defensive driving training classes, but they teach defensive techniques. Such classes are designed to help senior retain their independence by giving them a little refresher on driving technique and addressing some specific issues which affect many older drivers, such as slowed reaction times.

In many regions, defensive driving training classes are offered at driving centers. These centers may teach other advanced driving classes as well. The duration of a class can last from several hours to a week or more. Students will have to pay a higher fee for such courses, but the fee usually covers the use of a car which belongs to the driving center, one-on-one time with instructors, lots of driving practice, and group instruction with other students. Such classes are often an excellent way to improve driving skills in general.

Some driving instructors and driving schools that offer basic instruction will also offer defensive driving training. This is offered one-on-one with a driving instructor, and may be done on the road or on a closed course. Students can meet with an instructor for several sessions which last a few hours each to get familiar with the basics of defensive driving and to learn more advanced skills.

Upon completion of a defensive driving class, people usually get a certificate. It is a good idea to hang on to this certificate, as it provides more that bragging rights about driving skills. It can be used to get a discount on insurance, and may be valuable when people apply for jobs which require driving.



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