What Is a Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement?

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Kitchen cabinet door replacement involves replacing current cupboard doors with new ones. This door replacement is also called refacing since the cabinet boxes remain and only the cupboard doors are changed. Kitchen cabinet door replacement is a popular way to give kitchens a new look in a budget-friendly, quick way. Replacing kitchen cupboard doors is a project that can usually be done in a weekend. It's often simple enough for homeowners to do themselves, or they can hire a contractor who specializes in refacing cabinets.

There are several ways in which kitchen cabinet doors can be replaced or refaced. One way that works well is if wood cupboard doors are showing signs of wear, but the cabinet boxes are in good shape; wood doors can be chosen that fit in with the wood tone of the box frames. It's usually quite impossible to find an exact match of the cabinet door and the box frame, but sometimes the end result can be much more interesting. For example, if the original cabinets are made of a wood containing light, medium and dark tones, the kitchen cabinet door replacement could be done using new doors in one of the shade intensities. Since the cabinet boxes aren't all one color anyway, as long as the new doors blend in with the overall wood tone, the result should be attractive.


Many online kitchen cabinet companies offer sample cupboard doors to order for a low price, such as $5 US Dollars (USD). A contractor giving an estimate of the kitchen cabinet door replacement job may also be able to provide sample doors so the homeowner can compare different colors and styles to find the best match for the existing box frames. Another way to reface kitchen cabinets is for homeowners to purchase cupboard doors in a style they desire and have the cabinet boxes repainted to coordinate with the new door's color. This option for kitchen cabinet door replacement may be a good choice if the homeowner wants to change the color of the original cabinets.

Another option is to replace only some of the existing doors with glass ones. Adding glass cabinet doors in strategic areas can display attractive dishware while adding an airy, bright look to a kitchen. Glass kitchen cabinet doors are available in a wide range of choices from clear to frosted looks.

Some homeowners choose to buy unfinished cabinet doors and stain them in as close as match as possible to their original cabinets. When purchasing cupboard doors for a kitchen cabinet door replacement, it's important to measure correctly to get the proper fit. The location of hinges is crucial or the new doors won't attach properly to the existing cabinet box frames.


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