What is a Kitchen Cabinet Replacement?

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A kitchen cabinet replacement involves removing old cupboards and installing new ones. The new kitchen cabinets may be built-in or ready made. Ready made cabinets are available in standard sizes at home improvement centers. They tend to be less expensive than built-in kitchen cupboards because of the extra labor required by a building contractor to custom make them. Taking careful measurements of the space and choosing new cupboards are early steps in the kitchen cabinet replacement process.

Once removed, the old cabinets may be sold as-is or used elsewhere in the home, such as in a garage or laundry room to provide closed storage options. Donating the old kitchen cabinets to a charity is another idea. In cases where a contractor is doing the kitchen cabinet replacement, he may offer a discounted price in exchange for taking old cupboards that are still in good condition. If the cabinets being replaced are no longer usable, taking them to a recycling center may be the best option.

Refacing kitchen cabinets is different from replacing them. Generally, just the cabinet doors are replaced in a refacing. The replacement doors may be in a matching wood tone to the rest of the kitchen cupboards, or the cabinets may be painted to match the new door color. Kitchen cabinet replacement is typically a large budget project, while refacing the cupboard doors is a money saving way to get a new look.


Kitchen updates and improvements are considered good investments for homeowners. Home buyers appreciate attractive kitchens; good quality cabinets tend to be a positive selling point. When considering a kitchen cabinet replacement, it's a wise idea for homeowners to consider the potential added value and choose a tasteful design that suits the style of the house.

Many people who decide on a kitchen cabinet replacement plan a new design. For example, they may choose upper cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling to offer closed rather than open storage space. Tall kitchen pantry cupboards may replace some lower cabinets. Cupboard organizers, such as pull out drawers or racks, may be added to the replacement cabinets to make the kitchen more efficient.

If the kitchen is large enough, a new feature such as an island may be added with the cabinets to increase the style appeal as well as the functionality of the room. A kitchen island is a separate storage and counter top section usually located across from the sink area. The cabinets below the island's work table usually match the rest of the kitchen cupboards for a pulled together look.



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