What are the Best Tips for Refacing a Cupboard?

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The best tips for refacing a cupboard include taking the time to be sure it will blend well with the existing cabinet and adding an attractive pull or handle. It's also important not to become overwhelmed before refacing a cupboard. It's not usually difficult to do, plus if the end result isn't what you'd hoped, starting again, but this time also refinishing the cabinet to match, may solve the problem. Another consideration to make for a cabinet refacing project is a glass door option.

Glass cabinet doors can make small kitchens appear larger, as they reflect light and give the illusion of airiness. Even a few well-placed glass doors can make a big difference when refacing a cupboard. A great tip is to choose frameless cabinet doors because you won't have to worry about matching the wood stain of your existing cupboards. If you don't want clear glass so that everything in the cupboard is visible from the outside, a frosted option may be best.


When staining cupboard doors, it's best to first practice the technique on scrap pieces of wood, preferably the same type as the door pieces. Make sure to choose an area to work in that is free from dust or debris, or a gust of wind could ruin the look. If you're refacing a cupboard by staining new doors to match the existing cabinet, taking the time to match the stain color closely is important. Remove the old door to bring in to the paint store to get an exact match, if possible.

If you'd rather paint than stain your cupboard doors, think about your favorite color rather than only something neutral or "safe." Oftentimes, resurfacing a cupboard with fresh paint in an unusual color can add much needed style to a kitchen. The important thing to remember is that if you don't like the look, it's usually simple and inexpensive to redo the project using a different paint color.

After refacing a cupboard with paint, stain or a new glass door, consider the best hardware to use. Some door styles suit handles best, while a smaller knob style of hardware looks better on other cabinet doors. There are no strict rules about when to use a pull versus a handle; look at the selections available in your price range for those that really stand out. Then, further narrow your options by eliminating those that won't work with the resurfacing look you did.



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