What are Some Tips for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

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The kitchen is often the focal point of the home. It is usually where families and friends gather, and an above-average kitchen can make an otherwise unremarkable home appear unforgettable. In fact, an updated kitchen can increase the value of a home quite a bit when it comes time to sell it, but a complete remodel can be expensive. For this reason, kitchen cabinet refacing has caught on in popularity, as it typically requires little cost and a lot of elbow grease. Some ideas to get started include painting, veneers, and new hardware.

There usually are some clear signs that it is time to update the cabinets in a kitchen. Fading or outdated colors from an entirely different era are just a few things visitors might notice in an older kitchen. Wear and tear, like scratches or dents, may be normal but typically does not look attractive. Additionally, drawers and cabinets that are a struggle to open and close can bring down the appearance of a kitchen. Fixing these issues before even starting a kitchen cabinet refacing project could be a step in the right direction.


Some homeowners prefer to repaint rather than completely replace, so it is typically considered a major component of kitchen cabinet refacing. Picking the paint usually is the easiest part, while preparation is often the most tedious. Anything in the kitchen that is near the area to be painted should be covered with a plastic tarp, and cabinets and drawers should be removed before they are painted. If the paint does not stick well to the cabinets, they might need to be stripped of their former color first. It is usually advised that primer be applied before the cabinets are painted, so the color sticks better.

If painting will not provide enough of a change, perhaps a veneer will be a better choice. Most veneer panels are easy to apply since they usually come attached to a paper backing. They can be peeled off and just stuck onto the surface. Though it is often advised that the cabinets be measured before ordering veneers, they typically can be easily cut to fit most surfaces. As long as homeowners only order what they will use, a veneer can be a cost-effective method of kitchen cabinet refacing.

Many kitchens come with handles and knobs on the cabinets and drawers. Those that do not can get a brand new look when they are added during a kitchen cabinet refacing project. Not only can such hardware add character, but it also often increases the ease of opening kitchen drawers and cabinets. For those kitchens that already have hardware, it can be updated. Plain wooden or plastic knobs can be replaced with metal ones, or perhaps even wrought iron handles.



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