What are Kitchen Cabinet Handles?

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The majority of kitchen remodels usually involve upgrading the cabinets. Some homeowners may choose to get entirely new cabinets, while others might focus on the smaller aspects that can make a difference. This could include kitchen cabinet handles, which are used to pull open the doors and drawers. Although they are not always necessary, it can be a nice touch to a kitchen that needs attention.

Often, a major decision for homeowners to make before a kitchen remodel is whether they want knobs or handles. Knobs typically are round and small, while handles usually are larger and easier to grasp when pulling open a cabinet or drawer. Usually, this decision is often based on price, kitchen décor, and pure preference.

For the kitchen remodeler, one thing to keep in mind is that traditional brass knobs no longer are the only choice for kitchen cabinet handles. Handles also can be found in plastic or wood, both of which are cheaper materials that are great for homeowners on a budget. On the other hand, metal, glass, and ceramic handles are often more expensive. Typically, the heavier the metal, such as wrought iron, the more expensive the handle or knob will be. By the same token, the more fragile the glass knob or handle, such as hand-blown, the costlier it is.


Kitchen décor, as well as that of the entire house, generally should be kept in mind in most cases. For example, brass or small wooden knobs could be considered for homes with an antique appearance. For more modern kitchens, glass or crystal knobs are often preferred. Homes with a rich, classic look could be a good fit for heavy wooden or wrought-iron kitchen cabinet handles. A house with an artistic touch might look best with knobs that are hand-blown or intricately painted.

Aside from size and material, the style of kitchen cabinet handles usually should be taken into consideration. While some are simply round and plain, others have unique details painted on them. Some are molded into interesting shapes, while others are boldly colored to contrast with the rest of the room.

Cabinet handles and knobs are not always necessary, but they can make a difference in both appearance and ease of opening doors and drawers. Many homeowners looking for a change find that updating the hardware in their kitchen can be a fast, inexpensive way to get one. Another idea to freshen up the room is to paint existing kitchen-cabinet handles so that they look new. Others who do not have any hardware on their cabinets to begin with may choose to add some to alter the overall look of the kitchen.



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