What Does an Eyebrow Expert Do?

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An eyebrow expert is an esthetician, makeup artist, or cosmetologist who specializes in shaping, maintaining, and enhancing clients' eyebrows. This kind of beauty expert normally completes several eyebrow courses that cover techniques in waxing, tweezing, threading, and tinting eyebrows. An eyebrow expert with experience in brow threading is especially in demand in many salons and day spas. Eyebrow experts may choose to focus on only one of these areas of eyebrow care, or they may become proficient in several. A successful eyebrow specialist is also able to determine the best eyebrow shapes that are the most flattering to different face shapes.

Most state and regional laws require an eyebrow expert to be a licensed esthetician to ensure knowledge of skin care and of safety measures for each procedure. Many beginning eyebrow classes focus on proper waxing techniques such as the use of hot wax at the right temperature and how to correctly apply it to the eyebrow area. Cold waxing and tweezing techniques are also usually covered in these courses, and aspiring eyebrow experts normally need to perform each of these procedures to a minimum quality standard as part of a practical esthetician licensing exam.


More advanced eyebrow courses cover topics such as threading, which is a method of shaping the brows by rolling lengths of thread through the hairs to be removed until the movement pulls them out. Many clients like this method of eyebrow shaping because it is much quicker than tweezing and less messy than waxing. An eyebrow expert who is skilled in threading is also able to thread brows with less pain or discomfort to the client.

Some eyebrow experts specialize in brow enhancement with makeup and brow tinting. Clients who change their hair color often prefer to have their eyebrows tinted to blend better with their new hair color, and an eyebrow expert can perform this service easily and with a flattering color. Evening out and filling in the brows with a makeup pencil is also a skill among many eyebrow experts.

Eyebrow specialists usually offer their services in a large hair salon. Some experienced eyebrow experts also go into business for themselves and open their own salons that offer brow services exclusively. This kind of eyebrow salon is often referred to as an eyebrow bar, not to be confused with the jewelry piece of the same name. Some clients prefer an eyebrow bar because its estheticians have more expertise in all things related to eyebrows.



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