How Do I Get the Best Eyebrow Training?

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Your choice of eyebrow training should take into consideration several factors, including the laws in your jurisdiction regarding offering hair removal or cosmetic services for money as well as the method of eyebrow hair removal that you wish to practice. In many places, eyebrow training may be a part of a comprehensive curriculum that trains you in providing a variety of beauty or hair removal services. For example, those who have been trained and licensed as cosmetologists or aestheticians may be qualified to also provide eyebrow grooming services. Another option is to obtain licensure or certification as an electrologist. A third possibility is training to become a permanent cosmetic artist. If you are already licensed to offer such services, you may be able to obtain additional eyebrow training through beauty schools, professional conferences, and seminars offered by industry vendors and professionals.


If you are interested in becoming an eyebrow specialist and you are not already working in the personal appearance field, you will need to decide which personal appearance discipline you wish to practice. You can receive eyebrow training at cosmetology or aesthetics schools. Generally speaking, an aesthetics program will give you more experience in hair removal techniques and may also include more course hours in makeup application, which can be important when training your clients to properly use eyebrow cosmetics. Another option is to learn how to perform electrolysis that will also provide you with eyebrow training as well as training on removing hair from various parts of the face and body. A final option is learning how to perform permanent cosmetic tattooing. When making a choice, you should find out about the licensing laws required to practice any of these professions in your jurisdiction and make sure that any school or training program you attend is recognized by the licensing board in your area.

Several alternatives for eyebrow training exist if you already have a license to practice one or more of these professions. If you feel that more advanced eyebrow training will help you in your career or you want to become an eyebrow expert, you may wish to take continuing education eyebrow courses. These courses may be available through local beauty and aesthetics schools as well as through private course providers. Vendors of eyebrow grooming products may sponsor classes and workshops in your area and may also offer these classes at industry trade shows and events. A good way to keep informed of eyebrow training opportunities is by reading industry trade journals and websites, which often list events and educational opportunities.



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