How Do I Correct Thinning Eyebrows?

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Thinning eyebrows can be caused by a number of different factors, and determining the cause is the first step toward choosing the best way to correct the condition. For many people, using a stencil and coloring in the brow can help disguise the problem, although using just a pencil may look unnatural. Individuals can also use hair growth treatments and implants for thinning eyebrows. Tattooing may also be an option, although they do not always provide a natural look and can fade over time. While an individual is determining what has caused this problem, he or she should stay on a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep.

Eyebrow thinning can be caused by certain beauty regimens as well as by different medical conditions. Too much waxing or plucking can cause the hair in the eyebrows to become thinner. Certain types of medication can cause hair all over the body to thin or fall out, and health conditions, including hypothyroidism and alopecia, can lead to thinning eyebrows as well. If the hair thinning is caused by a medical condition or medication, it may be reversed once the underlying condition is treated or medication is stopped, but this is not always the case.


In many cases, the best way to correct thinning eyebrows is to fill in the brow to make it look more natural. A soft pencil can be used to darken thin spots in the brow, creating the illusion of more hair; if the brow is penciled in too sharply, however, it can make the eyebrow looked drawn on and unnatural. Individuals can also use a stencil and powdered color to fill the brow in and create volume as well as color.

To use a stencil, individuals should find the eyebrow shape they like the best and mark the ends of the brow. The powder is then applied to the cut out area of the stencil, giving the brow a clean and well-defined shape. Using a stencil and powder on thinning eyebrows can make the eyebrows appear natural, and will also give the brows a softer, yet visible, look. Placing translucent powder over the finished project will help the stenciled brow last longer, especially if an individual's skin is oily.

Tattooing is a relatively quick and simple way of correcting thinning eyebrows. Individuals should keep in mind, however, that the tattoos are not easily removed, and may also fade over time. It may also be difficult to match the color of the tattoo to the color of the hair, and may result in a tattoo that does not have the same look as the brow's natural color. Many eyebrow experts advise against tattooed eyebrows because of these problems.

For the more severe cases, surgery to implant hair follicles may be performed to correct thinning eyebrows. A dermatologist will look at the eyebrow hair and determine whether hair implants are a good option. Transplant surgery involves implanting hair from the scalp into the eyebrows; this is not natural eyebrow hair, so it may need to be trimmed to keep it short. Eyebrow hair also grows at a very sharp angle and in different directions in the brow, so the patient will want to choose a hair transplant surgeon with specific experience in this procedure.



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Post 3

I used to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows, then I discovered that I can use powder eye shadow. Eye shadow looks much more natural than pencil. I use a small tipped eye shadow brush to fill in sparse areas in my eyebrows. It works great.

I just recommend using a color that's one tone lighter than one's hair. For example, I have dark brown hair and I use a medium brown shadow.

Post 2

@bear78-- My friend had one. She had lost her eyebrows due to a health problem.

What they do is take hair from the scalp and transplant it above the eyes where the brows should be. They transplant the hairs individually and carefully to make sure that they have a natural brow shape and grow in the right direction. It's not even painful because they use local anesthesia.

My friend is very happy with the results. Her eyebrows look very natural, no one can tell that it's a transplant. The only downsides are the cost of the procedure and maintenance. Since transplanted hairs are from the scalp, they grow and require trimming every once in a while.

Post 1

Has anyone here had an eyebrow transplant? I have very thin eyebrows that do not grow due to over-plucking. I'm considering an eyebrow transplant but I'm not sure if it works well.

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