What Is an Eyebrow Bar?

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An eyebrow bar is a piece of jewelry worn in an eyebrow piercing. It can have either a straight or curved shape, and many piercers choose a curved eyebrow bar that is longer than the client's eyebrow thickness when first performing this type of piercing. This shape and size generally allow for the best healing results with room for the normal temporary swelling. An eyebrow barbell is often available in varying thicknesses known as gauges, and it is held securely in place with a small metal ball that screws in place at one end. Some eyebrow bars have decorative screw ends, and many are available in various colors, designs, and metals.

The type of eyebrow bar that can be worn usually depends on the one that was initially used for the piercing. Placing a straight eyebrow bar in a piercing that was originally done with a curved bar carries the risk of the skin healing around the jewelry and pushing it out. This kind of incorrect healing can also increase the likelihood of infection and scarring. Most experienced piercers claim that a circular eyebrow ring can also be worn in an eyebrow that was pierced with a curved barbell, but only after the piercing has thoroughly healed.


Getting an eyebrow bar typically entails a piercer marking the desired area of the eyebrow and then using a specialized needle to make the piercing. This procedure is ideally done in a sterile environment with needles that are used only one time before disposal. Professional piercers usually select an eyebrow barbell with a gauge that fits a particular client's brow thickness. Many prefer to use a thicker gauge whenever possible because these jewelry sizes are often less likely to migrate as the piercing heals.

The average eyebrow piercing takes two to four months to completely heal. Most piercers give their clients specific aftercare instructions, such as cleaning the piercing with antibacterial soap and not applying make-up near the new eyebrow jewelry. Changing an eyebrow bar is usually done by removing one of the screw ends from the barbell and gently threading it through the underside of the eyebrow piercing. Some wearers find that their eyebrow piercings begin to close up shortly after removing the jewelry and are careful to always keep a barbell or ring in it. Clear retainers are an additional option for keeping one of these piercings open without noticeable jewelry.



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