What Are the Different Types of Mobile Advertising Services?

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Most people think of mobile advertising services as marketing and advertising companies that provide promotions on mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Mobile advertising services, however, can be companies that provide any type of mobile advertising, which may include vehicle advertising, billboards, radio commercials and more. Typically, mobile advertising services work with the client from the planning stage of the marketing campaign, the design phase to create it, the implementation of the campaign and then the tracking of the success of the campaign.

Mobile advertising services can be sending text messages to cell phones. It can also include banner ads that appear on smartphone applications. Mobile advertising can also include vehicle wraps, bus wraps, billboard signs or any other type of advertising that a consumer could receive exposure from when they are out of their home.

Typically, an agency that provides mobile advertising services works with the client to first understand who the customers are that the client is trying to reach with its marketing campaign. Once the service understands who the client is trying to reach, they can suggest the best mobile advertising services or vehicles that are most likely to reach the audience.


The mobile advertising services representative then works with the client to decide which forms of mobile advertising the client wants to use. Part of which options the client choose will depend on the marketing budget the client has. Once they nail down which forms of mobile advertising they'll use, the mobile advertising services representative then works with the client and a graphic designer to create the actual marketing campaign layout.

Once the design is complete, the service works on printing or implementing the campaign on all of the various mobile devices or vehicles the client has chosen. The mobile advertising services also works with the client to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Typically, they implement a system with the client to track the calls that come in or the orders that come in through the client’s website. They may ask the client’s customer how they heard about the company, product or service. Another option for the mobile advertising services representative is to add a tracking code to each campaign. This way, if the client is using mobile text ads, wrapped trucks and billboards, the client will be able to see how many sales they receive from each mobile vehicle.



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