What Are the Different Types of Mobile Advertising Jobs?

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Mobile advertising pertains to marketing and advertising promotions that include cell phone text and banner ads, and any type of advertising that reaches its intended audiences on the go. Types of mobile advertising jobs include sales representatives, marketing manager, graphic designer, production, and in some cases, the workers that apply the advertisement.

The front-end professionals of mobile advertising jobs are the sales representatives. The sales professionals are the employees that meet with or talk with the clients to review the client’s advertising needs and recommend the mobile advertising options the representative are selling. Some sales representatives not only sign the advertising contract with the client, but may also work with the client to come up with the idea or concept for the mobile advertisement or advertisements the client intends on rolling out. Overall, the sales representative typically stays involved throughout the process from beginning to end, to be able to satisfy the customer and renew the contract when the time comes.

Marketing managers are other types of mobile advertising jobs. Mobile advertising companies that have marketing managers on staff receive the information from the sales representative on the account. The marketing manager is the one that then works with the client to put together the mobile advertising and marketing campaign. Once they come up with the concept, the marketing manager then works with the graphic designer to create the advertising.


Graphic designers are other positions of mobile advertising jobs. Marketing managers work with the graphic designers to turn the marketing concept or idea into the layout. The graphic designer may work on a layout for a billboard, building banner, bus or car wrap or any other form of mobile advertising.

Once the graphic design or layout of the campaign is complete, the next set of mobile advertising jobs that typically come into play are the production professionals. Production professionals may be the banner printers, or the people that apply the printed banner portions to the billboard. If the campaign is a text message that is going out to the a client’s cell phone list, then the production professional may include the person who manages the text messaging database and system that deploys the messages.

Some mobile advertising jobs are within one company, such as an advertising agency. In other cases, the client needs to find some of these mobile advertising jobs and professionals from different companies.



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