What Is a Mobile Advertising Campaign?

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A mobile advertising campaign is a type of ad campaign that features mobile advertising as a way to reach potential customers. This type of campaign usually includes short messaging service (SMS) mobile advertising, which is the use of text messaging technology to send advertisements to consumers. Depending on the complexity of such a campaign, additional features may include support for mobile devices on the website for a company, quick response (QR) codes that can provide customers with discounts or other offers, and even viral marketing. A mobile advertising campaign should typically be implemented as part of a primary campaign, rather than as supplemental advertising.

One of the great advantages of a mobile advertising campaign is its ability to reach a wide audience in a fast, efficient, and relatively inexpensive way. This is often accomplished through SMS mobile advertising, which is a form of advertising in which offers and ads are sent to customers through SMS, or text messages. Development of a mobile advertising campaign allows a business to consider innovative ways to reach customers. Since this type of campaign uses mobile phones as the primary vehicle for advertising, customers can receive ads and messages just about anywhere.


While a mobile advertising campaign can be relatively simple, relying mainly on text messages, it can also be developed as a more complex form of advertising. Once a customer is reached through a message, a link to the website of a business may be provided for additional information. In order for this to be truly useful, however, the business should ensure that its website is accessible through mobile browsing platforms in an efficient and comprehensive way.

A mobile advertising campaign can also include the use of QR codes to create a somewhat more interactive ad experience. These codes can be “scanned” using the camera included on many mobile phones, which then creates a message on the phone itself. Such messages can include coupons and other special offers. Combinations of QR codes, SMS advertising, and real world events can create a viral mobile advertising campaign that allows customers to feel as though they have been part of a social experience, rather than simply watching a commercial or receiving an advertisement.

The success of these types of viral campaigns and basic SMS mobile advertising methods have largely influenced the development of new and different approaches to advertising. In general, a mobile advertising campaign should be part of the major ad campaign for a business. While several mobile advertising methods can be implemented as secondary ads, they are typically far more effective when included as part of the primary development of a campaign.



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