What are the Different Types of Closet Accessories?

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Keeping clothing, shoes, and other items organized in a closet usually requires gadgets, gear, and furniture. Closet accessories can vary depending on the space available and the amount of items to be stored. Generally, closet accessories include items that keep clothing hung up or folded away, small items stored where they can be reached, and shoes organized and tidy.

The most common of all closet accessories are hangers, which are used to keep shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, and a number of other kinds of garments free from wrinkles while they are in storage. There are a number of kinds of hangers. For example, a hanger that is intended to hold a winter coat will be sturdier and made with wider rods or slats than a hanger that is intended to hold a blouse. Also, hangers that are intended to hold pants may be made with an additional rod in order to keep the pants from slipping while hangers for skirts may have clips to grasp the waist of the skirt.


Other than hangers, there are myriad closet accessories. Tie racks and belt racks, for example, are closet accessories that are commonly used on order to keep these items organized between uses. In fact, some men have so many ties that they use an electric tie rack in order to be able to zoom through their options easily while dressing each day. These kinds of electronic closet accessories are usually designed like miniature versions of the machines that are used by dry cleaners to organize and sort through clothing.

Some closet accessories are intended for clothing that should not be hung such as delicate sweaters. For people who do not have a dresser or need extra shelf space, there are closet accessories that provide space for folded clothing. Also, there are accessories for closets that are intended to contain small items such as underwear and socks. There are even accessories that are intended to hold jewelry.

In addition to closet accessories that contain clothes, there are also closet accessories that are specifically intended for shoes. Shoe racks and shelving that is made specifically for shoes are common closet accessories. These may be vertical accessories that rest on the floor or even hang from the bar in the closet. The also may be long, low containers that are intended to line the bottom of a closet.

Finally, one kind of closet accessory that has nothing to do with the storage of clothes is the closet mirror. A number of companies make mirrors that are intended to hang on the inside of a closet door. In fact, some closet systems come with a mirror already installed on the inside of the closet door. This is useful for people who do not already have full-length mirrors in their bedrooms or dressing rooms.



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