What is a Shoe Closet?

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A shoe closet is a closet that is either mobile or stationary that is used specifically for the storage of shoes. In some cases, a shoe closet may be collapsable and made out of a fabric such as canvas that can be hung from a closet rod. Other shoe closets are free-standing. Both types of closets can range quite a bit in terms of their size and the number of pairs of shoes that they can hold.

Sometimes shoe closets are built into furniture that is located in the entry way or foyer of a home. A shoe closet may be built into a bench that is meant to be placed near the front door of a home or, in some cases, the door that is most frequently used as an entrance. This way people can sit down and comfortably remove their shoes when they enter and then store them in the closet so that there isn't a pileup of footwear right at the door. This kind of shoe closet may be open or closed depending on the desired look of the piece of furniture. An open shoe closet looks a bit like a cubby with spaces for a number of pairs of shoes, while a closed shoe closet has either a door or some sort of covering so that the shoes are not visible after they are stored away.


A shoe closet can be made from a number of kinds of materials. As mentioned above, hanging closets are often made out of a canvas material. There are also closets made out of wood, metal, and even plastic. It is possible to incorporate a shoe closet into the aesthetic of almost any kind of room. A wooden shoe closet could be painted a pastel or primary color in order to make it fit well in a child's bedroom. A metal shoe closet, on the other hand, could be used for a modern entranceway.

Although many shoe closets are built to be stationary, there are a number of models that are built on wheels. This is so that the closet can be moved easily, which is good for people who want to be able to tuck the shoes into a larger closet such as a hallway closet or a bedroom closet. The closets on wheels are less common than the stationary closets, but can be found from a number of furniture retailers.



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