What is a Master Closet?

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A master closet is a closet that is located in the master bedroom of a house and is almost always the largest closet in the house. Depending on the scale of the house and the level of luxury in its appointments, a master closet may be simply just a bit larger than the other closets in the house or significantly larger. A very large master closet may actually be a walk-in closet with room for a dresser, vanity, and possibly even a chaise lounge. These sorts of massive master closets usually only appear in mansions.

It is quite common for a master closet to include duplicate organizational items in mirror image. For example, there may be duplicate shoe racks and shelves. The reason for this is that most closets for master bedrooms are designed with the idea that two people will occupy the master bedroom. As such, the closets are designed to contain clothing for two people. In these cases, the closet might be one long closet that is divided down the middle or a walk in closet with each side of the closet organized in mirror image.


Some master closets are so large that they are used as storage space to absorb things that will not fit in other closets or storage areas of the house. It is not uncommon for a master closet to have a high rack that is intended to hold boxes that can hold anything from documents to holiday decorations to memorabilia. It is important, however, to know the design load of closet systems and make sure not to overburden them. Otherwise, the racks could collapse.

When houses are on the market it is common for a large master closet to be a highlighted feature. Many clotheshorses dream of spacious closets that will allow them to access their garments easily without wrestling with racks and crammed clothing. A large master closet is quite desirable in apartments where space is at a premium and storage is often limited. It is usually only high-end apartments that come equipped with a master closet because of the amount of space that it takes up, space that could be dedicated to more square footage in the bedroom or in the room that shares a wall with the closet.



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