How do I Choose the Best Closet Supplies?

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Closet supplies such as racks, hangers, drawers, shelves and containers can help keep stored items accessible as well as organized. The best supplies to use are the ones that suit the contents and design of each closet in your home. You should also consider your budget for closet supplies, as there are storage options in every price range.

The best way to decide what combination of supplies you'll need for the different closets in your home is to take a few minutes to examine each storage space. Determine what you need to reach most often at the front of the closet and which of your belongings can be stored at the back. If you make a list of this for each storage area, you can then plan specific closet supplies to purchase.

If you have a small laundry closet rather than a whole room for washing clothing, you may want to save space as well as create useful storage by using clear plastic supplies. Clear plastic jars and containers with lids are usually inexpensive, plus they are safer than glass in case of breakage. Pick the height and shape that will work best with your storage shelves to hold detergent, fabric softener sheets and perhaps other supplies such as clothes pins. You can work with your limited laundry space by keeping your storage supplies filled and the larger store containers out of sight.


Clear storage also works well for kitchen pantries, but you may also want to have drawers to hold items you don't want to store in jars or containers on open shelves. You can label the drawers to keep things organized. If you have room in your kitchen pantry space, you may want to add a rack to hold items such as a floor mop and aprons.

For bedrooms, closet organizer systems are popular. These systems typically include a closet rod to divide tops from bottoms, plus drawers and/or shelves. Separate closet supplies such as shoe racks, belt hooks and drawers for jewelry can also be purchased. Think creatively when choosing the best supplies to store your clothing and linens. For example, closet drawers designed for sweaters may be just what you need to store your bed sheets.

The best closet supplies for children's rooms are ones that they can use daily. This not only helps them learn to keep their belongings organized, but can help foster a sense of mastery and accomplishment. Fun, colorful bins or hanging cloth storage bags from a closet rod are popular organizers for kids' rooms. As well as organizing toys, some parents also bundle complete outfits together so children can choose one and dress themselves.



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