How do I Choose the Best Closet Kits?

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Closet kits are systems of shelves and racks that are installed in closets to make it easier to hang clothing or organize other items. There are two different types of closet kits: those that are permanently installed in closets by being drilled into and mounted on the walls, and those that are simply placed in the closet without needing to drill holes in the walls. The type you choose depends on your building skills as well as the type of home you live in; a rented apartment, for instance, will generally not allow the installation of a full closet system.

In general, a closet kit that can be installed can offer more options than a portable closet kit, which may only be able to offer a clothing rack and a shoe rack. Be sure to carefully measure the closet first before shopping for closet kits, and to determine how the shelves will fit in to the closet. Once you've measured, determine what type of shelving you want in the closet.


Closet kits with wire shelves tend to be less expensive than closet kits with wooden or even particle board shelves; in addition, they may allow even more customization in the closet because the shelves can be cut to size. It is more difficult to cut wood or particle board shelving to size without the purchase of special tools, and you are more likely to damage those types of shelves if you try to cut them.

In addition, consider what features you want in a closet kit. If you have a lot of shoes, you might want a closet kit with a large shoe rack. If you mostly hang pants and shirts, you can choose two smaller racks to put on top of each other, but if you have a lot of long skirts or dresses, you might want to choose a closet kit with just one rack. Planning ahead can ensure that your closet is actually useful to you and organizes your clothing as you hoped.

Pre-made closet kits may be purchased in home improvement stores or ordered online; they simply need to be taken out of the box and assembled, usually with tools such as a drill and a hammer. It is also possible to order custom closet kits directly from builders, which are designed to fit in your particular closet and to suit your needs. Keep in mind that closet kits do not just exist for bedroom closets, but for linen closets, pantries, and laundry rooms as well.



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