How do I Choose the Best Closet Storage System?

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Closets are useful in every commercial and residential space. A closet storage system can help keep items organized and sorted for ease of use. Choosing the best option involves considering the material of the organization system, your budget and what kinds of items will be stored in it. The size of the system is an important consideration as well — choosing the correct size with the appropriate configuration for its purpose will maximize the storage potential of the closet.

The first step when choosing the best closet storage system is to evaluate the number of items that need to fit into it. Remove anything unwanted or that doesn't belong and sort everything else into piles. For example, for a bedroom closet, make one pile for purses, another for shoes, a third for pants and keep going until everything is sorted. This can help determine how much space is necessary for each type of item.


Each closet storage system is not the same size, so it is vital to get the correct measurements in order to find the best one. First, measure the size of the closet horizontally, vertically and from back to front. Next, evaluate the piles and note which sections need to be larger and which can stay on the small side. For example, if there are a large number of hanging work shirts but a much smaller number of work pants, allocate a larger section for the shirts and a smaller space for the pants. Make sure to leave a little extra room in each section for new purchases.

Some systems are already designed a specific way and cannot be adjusted. Others allow for different configurations according to preference. Typically, there is an instruction booklet listing each possible option with directions explaining how to assemble it in a specific formation. The closet storage system, once in place, may also allow for additions over time, such as an extra shelf or shoe rack, as well.

A closet storage system typically comes in one of three materials — wood, metal or plastic. Plastic systems may not be very sturdy and might only be able to handle light items. Due to the ability to handle heavy items, wood and metal systems are usually better for adult closets.

There are several section types available for a closet storage system. Shelves, a shoe rack, jewelry organizer and baskets are just some of the options to consider. Depending on the size of the system, there may be only one of each section type or several sections of the same type.

After deciding which closet storage system is best, the cost of it becomes a factor. The price ranges depending on the type. In general, the more elaborate it is, the more expensive it is. Materials may be a factor in cost as well — wood systems typically are more expensive than plastic systems.



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