How do I Prepare for the .NET Certification Exam?

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Information technology (IT) specialists and developers may seek .NET certification in an effort to gain credentials that may help them to enjoy more job opportunities, advancement, and even higher pay. To earn .NET certification, a person has to pay a fee and pass examinations. The preparation process for the .NET certification exam typically includes gaining hands-on experience with .NET technology as well as using preparation guides to practice related skills or even taking preparatory classes.

Since there is a variety of .NET certification exams a person may take, an individual interested in .NET certification may do well to visit and compare the available options. For example, a person may seek Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification or opt for Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certification. He could also choose to pursue the Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) certification. Once he’s chosen a certification, he can then review the requirements and procedures for taking the appropriate .NET certification exam or series of exams.


Generally, a person who wants to earn .NET certification needs related experience to have the best chance of doing well on the required tests. Some people secure at least a couple of years of experience before taking a .NET certification exam. Microsoft lists suggested experience levels on its website. Many people also use the preparation guide that goes with their chosen exam to learn about the skills they’ll have to demonstrate for certification and make a plan for practicing those skills. An individual may also enroll in training classes or workshops that are designed to help people prepare for .NET certification.

Each .NET certification exam is available in a range of languages. A person can review the list of available languages when he registers for the exam. If his native language is not available and he has to take it in English, he may be allowed additional time to complete the test to help make up for the language barrier.

Once a person has chosen the type of certification he wants to pursue, he then has to select the first exam he will take. In some cases, he may need to take a particular exam first while other certification options may allow him to take his exams in any order. He may then use the Microsoft website to find a local testing center and register for his exam by phone or online. Pricing for the exams may vary, depending on the location of the testing center a person will use. Certification candidates can learn exact pricing by contacting their local testing center.



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