How do I Prepare for the Sun Certification Exam?

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A person takes the Sun certification exam to demonstrate his proficiency in the information technology (IT) field. A person with Sun certification may have an easier time landing jobs or seeking advancement with his current company. In order to be certified, a person must pass a Sun certification exam. To prepare for this exam, a person may enroll in a training program to help him build his skills; such training programs are offered both online and in brick-and-mortar classrooms. A person may also take practice tests, join study groups, and purchase study guides that help him to prepare for the exam.

The first part of preparing for the Sun certification exam is deciding which certification to seek. A person may choose among the following certifications: Java technology, Solaris OS, MySQL, Sun Cluster, Java CAPS, NetBeans IDE, Sun Identity Manager, and The Oracle University administers these exams and offers training, so a person can learn the specifics of each type of certification by visiting the Oracle University website. He can also learn the price of each exam and access the website's frequently-asked-questions page.


In order to pass a Sun certification exam, a person usually needs experience with the technology on which he will test. A person may gain this experience by working with the technologies hands on, but Oracle also recommends the completion of its training courses, which are available in classrooms, over the Internet, and on CDs. There are also many study guides and manuals a person may secure to prepare for this exam. An individual who wants to do his best on a Sun certification exam may also start or participate in a study group in which the individuals help each other to strengthen their skills. Additionally, a person who is seeking Sun certification may benefit from taking practice exams, which help him to identify not only where his strengths lie, but also where there is room for improvement.

An individual who is seeking certification can find detailed information about the Sun certification exam on the Oracle University website. Besides the price of the exam, he can learn how many test questions he'll have to answer and the approximate duration of the test. He'll also be able to learn the percentage of questions he'll have to answer correctly on the exam in order to pass it. Likewise, he'll find a list of the different sections that will be on the exam as well as the topics that will be covered in each section.



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