How do I get MCP Certification?

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Microsoft Certified Professional certification, abbreviated MCP certification, is an umbrella certification credential given to anyone who has taken and passed any of the Microsoft professional certification exams. MCP certification exams use input from professionals in the computing industry to develop tests that accurately reflect how Microsoft products are used in businesses and organizations. The exams are used by hiring personnel as an indicator of knowledge and proficiency in using current Microsoft technologies, and to gauge the job seeker's dedication to his career track.

Certification exams are available for many Microsoft products and technologies. They target all levels of expertise, from entry level to advanced. There are dozens of certification programs, including ones for IT professionals, systems administrators, professional developers, technology specialists, database administrators, and system engineers.

To complete the MCP certification requirements, an individual must first chose an appropriate exam. She should choose an exam that she believes will further her career goals. If the person intends to continue on to a specific certification after earning her MCP certification, she should take exams that are in that specific track and that count toward her certification.


There are many training programs available that help certification candidates prepare for the certification exams. These programs range from online courses to hands-on tutorials to in-person, instructor-led classes. There are also certification boot-camps, which provide quick, intensive training and simulated exams in a particular certification track. It's also wise to have at least six months of real-life experience with the product or technology related to the exam.

Exam guides are available for all MCP certification exams. They outline the objectives of the exam, explain what types of questions will be asked, and offer suggestions for how best to prepare for and pass the exam. Certification candidates can also take practice exams, available online and in-person, that will prepare them for the actual test by pointing out areas that need more study.

When ready to take the MCP certification exam, the person must find a testing site, either by searching online or through a certification training center. Tests are given by an independent professional testing organization. Exams typically take two to three hours, and cost about $125. They usually consist of around 75 questions: multiple choice, true/false, and drag and drop. Exams also include a practical section, where candidates must demonstrate proficiency in certain tasks related to the subject of the exam. For many certifications, a person can take an exam to update his certification as products and technologies evolve.



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