How do I Prepare for a Microsoft Certification Exam?

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Over the last few decades, the information technology (IT) job market has become increasingly more competitive. Certifications are an excellent way to demonstrate knowledge within a specific area of IT. The Microsoft® certification exam is a comprehensive exam designed to test the computer professional’s ability to understand Microsoft® technologies. Some of the best ways to prepare for the exam include training classes, study guides, and hands-on practice.

Each Microsoft® certification exam is designed to test the knowledge of specific software products and assess the experience level of the student. When selecting an exam, it is important to determine the desired technical track. The tracks available within the Microsoft® certification exam include development, architecture, system engineering, training, and business.

Experience is the best way to prepare for a Microsoft® certification exam. Most of the exams are based on real-world problems, which test the student’s ability to truly understand a product. This hands-on approach to testing is a good method of verifying the true knowledge of the participant in a production atmosphere.

A Microsoft® certification preparation course is good method to prepare for the Microsoft® certification exam. Most courses contain the necessary information to successfully pass the exam. These courses are led by qualified instructors and typically provide hands-on experience with training material, software, and computer hardware. The course duration is normally three to five days.


One of the added benefits of taking a certified preparation course is the hands-on examples. Each course includes computers that enable the student to install and configure products. This type of preparation gives the student real-life experience that normally requires purchasing expensive hardware and software products.

Microsoft® e-learning is a self-paced method of preparing for the Microsoft® certification exam. These are online classrooms that provide flexibility for the student. E-learning is an excellent option for individuals who need to study on their own time, at odd hours. Each class is divided into modules, which provide a full outline of the material that will be covered on the exam. The e-learning classes also provide practice exams to test the student after he has completed the course.

There are many study guides and general books available to assist in passing the certification exams. These books give a good overview of the exams and include practice tests, exercises, and examples. The study guide preparation approach assumes the student has a general knowledge of the products and requires a personal computer to simulate the hands-on activities.



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