How do I Prepare for the MCP Exam?

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A person who wants to take a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam wants to earn certification that demonstrates his knowledge and skill in working with Microsoft technologies. An individual may choose from a variety of technologies and levels when choosing an exam. To prepare for each one, however, a person may take training classes, use study guides or manuals, gain hands-on experience, and even participate in study groups. There is usually no specifically required training course for a person who wants to take these exams, however, and a person may choose the preparation resources that best suit his way of learning and studying.

Before a person can prepare for an MCP exam, he must first choose which certification he wants to pursue. The Microsoft website provides a list of the different exams and certifications that are available as well as details about whom each type of certification might be good for. Usually, people decide to take the exams that best suit their career goals. The Microsoft website also provides a frequently asked questions page that includes information about choosing a certification path. This may prove helpful for those who have difficulty choosing one over another.


Once a person chooses a certification path, he'll need to start preparing for the MCP exam series that will end in the credential he wants. There are no specific training classes and no mandatory experience a person must have in order to take most MCP exams. The Microsoft website does, however, post a recommended amount of experience a person needs in order to have the best chance of passing the required exams and securing certification. It is important to note that a person who wants to gain certification through the Microsoft Certified Master program will have to meet certain prerequisites, which typically include hands-on experience, often years of it, and an understanding of certain vital concepts.

In preparation for taking an MCP exam, a person may use the preparation guide that goes with the exam in question. An individual can find a list of recommended preparation materials, including preparation guides, on the Microsoft website. A certification candidate may also enroll in a training program designed to help him to prepare for his chosen program. Sometimes participating in study groups or even informally discussing concepts with others who are preparing for the same exam may help as well. Additionally, some people find it beneficial to take practice tests as they work to get ready for taking an MCP exam or series of exams.



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