How do I Find Paid Summer Jobs?

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Finding a paid summer job can be easier than you think. There are many ways to search, including looking in newspapers, applying online and applying in person. In addition to the opportunity to make good money, paid summer jobs are also a good way of gaining invaluable experience and making network connections.

The first step in finding paid summer jobs is to scour job websites. Many are free to use and offer sorting features to narrow down the search. There are options to choose paid, part or full time, location and industry. Some also offer options to search according to pay and experience level.

Another way to find paid summer jobs is to search the newspapers. Some businesses may prefer to reach out to locals by posting in the classified section. While looking every day can be advantageous, the days when there may be more listings are on Saturdays and Sundays.

Some businesses, such as restaurants or hotels, may forgo advertising and wait for people to come in to apply. Pay a visit to each location and ask to fill out an application. If possible, ask to speak to the manager so he or she can put a face to the name on the application.


Many businesses will list jobs on their website; some will list them under a jobs section while others will just list on the main page that they are hiring. Others may have a less visible job section, in which case, the FAQ section which typically will have information about potential job openings. To keep updated, check the website every day to see if more jobs were listed. Bookmarking the websites can make the daily search even easier.

Getting the word out among family and friends is important when looking for paid summer jobs. If they know of any positions within their own place of employment, they may be able to pass along the information before it gets to anyone outside of the company. In some cases, a personal reference from someone who already works within the company can increase the chances of getting hired.

Considering how quickly some paid summer jobs get snapped up, it is better to start checking by February. Applying immediately after learning of the job opening can increase the chances of not missing out on the job. A daily search can allow for more options, which means the potential to find a better, more interesting position.



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Post 2

@sobeit - My son had the same kind of situation. After training in Tae Kwon Do for so many years, when it came time to hire an assistant trainer for the younger boys, he was a natural choice.

Being hired to teach something that was already a life choice was the best summer job my son ever had while still a teen. This was a part time summer job that filled a need for both my son and his coach.

It was great training for mentoring the younger crowd and doing what he loved to be doing anyway. Tae Kwon Do is one of the best ways to instill self discipline and awareness of the dangers of life.

Post 1

The best summer job my daughter ever found was at her local gymnastics club. After being in gymnastics for several years, she became a natural choice when the owner of her club was looking for instructors for the younger girls.

The owner of the gym club knew my daughter very well and trusted her because they had trained her for the past six years. When it came time to find an instructor who could relate to the younger girls, they knew my daughter well enough to train her with confidence.

Since the little girls looked up to my daughter naturally, they obeyed her and enjoyed her classes immensely.

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