How do I Come up with Workout Ideas?

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Once you've established a regular workout routine, there is a chance that you could get tired of doing the same thing all the time. This does not mean it is time to stop exercising, but rather to come up with some new workout ideas. One of the best ways to get new workout ideas is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Even if you do not regularly take classes at a gym or fitness center, try signing up for a class you wouldn't normally take. For instance, if you normally like to jog outside, you might choose to sign up for a yoga class or a dance aerobics class. Even if you do not continue to take the class, it might give you some new workout ideas to refresh your own workouts.

In addition, you might choose to make an appointment with a trainer at a gym. Most trainers allow clients to make just one appointment, or just a few. The trainer can then assess your current levels of physical fitness, as well as your workout routine, then give you new ideas to update your workout routine and challenge yourself. Trainers will generally be able to recommend certain exercises that you never would have tried on your own.


Another way to come up with new workout ideas is to see if there are any groups of people who exercise together in your area. Running groups are quite popular, and even though you may still be doing the same exercise you were before, the group may give you some new ideas for interval training, distance training, or speed drills, for instance. This may inspire you to exercise harder and to push yourself more.

Searching online can be a great way to find workout ideas as well. There are thousands of fitness articles that detail different exercises you might try. If you've always focused on aerobics, for example, you might try to find some strength training workouts. There are many free videos online as well that provide instruction in different exercises that may give you some new workout ideas.

If you are bored with your workout because you feel you are not getting results, try increasing the difficulty or time spent exercising. If you normally jog for 30 minutes, try going for 40 or 45. If you normally swim a certain distance within ten minutes, try swimming that same distance in a shorter period of time. It is easy to hit a plateau while exercising, once your body adapts to a certain exercise; it is up to you to break away from that plateau.



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