What are Workout Cards?

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The term "workout cards" may refer to two different things. The first is a type of card on which one can make notes and track his or her workouts. The second type of workout cards feature pictures and instructions for individual exercises to help people get workout ideas, and create plans for exercising. Typically, the cards only feature stretching or strength-training exercises, but not aerobic exercises.

Both types of workout cards are fairly common. The first type is often used when one is exercising with a trainer, in order to keep track of the exercises that have been done. One might note on the card distance or speed attained while running, the amount of weight lifted in a weight lifting workout, or the various types of stretching exercises performed, for instance.

One can then easily view improvements, track progress, or note where additional improvements or changes need to be made. Some decide to transfer information into an online exercise tracker, which may then create charts and graphs. People might also track their weight on the cards. Though these are commonly used by more serious athletes, anyone can use these workout cards for benefits.


The second type of workout cards are intended for those just beginning an exercise program. The cards typically feature pictures giving examples of how to practice the exercise, as well as written instructions and recommendations for sets and reps. Because the cards are small and easily portable, they can be kept nearby while exercising in order to reference them.

Some people use the workout cards to create pre-planned exercise routines. The cards often make suggestions for related exercises that work similar areas of the body, such as a series of exercises that might work the biceps, triceps, or shoulders, for example. Because the cards often have a number of different pictures showing the entire exercise, people can see if they are positioning the body correctly or performing the exercise safely.

Workout cards may be purchased online or in fitness stores. Some may also be printed online for free, and fitness magazines often include cards that can be torn out. In addition, it is possible to create and print one's own fitness cards for tracking fitness goals. For anyone looking to spice up an existing exercise routine with some new ideas, or start a brand new workout program, using workout cards such as these can be a great way to get started without having to lug a book or laptop to the gym.



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