How do I Start a Home Workout Routine?

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The best way to start a home workout routine is to first consider what type of exercise you want to do and will stick to regularly. Getting a home workout room ready with the equipment you need should be your next step. If you don't have a room to devote to your workout, then you should get equipment easy to work with; perhaps you could devote closet space to your exercise supplies. The main thing, if you want to start a home workout routine that you'll actually maintain, is to plan ahead and have all the details organized.

If you're going to be doing a home weight lifting routine and need to purchase workout equipment, starting with the basics before spending a lot of money is advisable. Once you've stayed committed to a regular home gym routine for at least several months, you can then consider adding more weight lifting equipment. Hiring a personal trainer to guide you may be a good option for some people who want to start a home workout routine, if the fee is affordable. Don't skimp on the quality of a private fitness instructor. Make sure he or she is well-qualified.


An excellent budget-friendly way to start a home workout routine while getting the benefit of professional fitness guidance is to buy an exercise DVD, such as for a home cardio routine. Cardio, in exercise terms, refers to standing, dance-like aerobic workouts that get the heart pumping and oxygen flowing throughout the body. There are many aerobics DVDs for sale that feature qualified fitness professionals demonstrating the movements to follow. You should begin with low-impact aerobics before gradually moving to the more advanced level. Most of the arm and leg movements are the same in low- and high-impact aerobics, but the intensity and speed are increased in more advanced workouts.

Yoga and Pilates DVDs can help you learn how to start these types of home workouts. A home workout routine can also be combined with classes you attend at a community center or exercise studio weekly. This way, you'll be able to practice and develop what you've learned throughout the week. Pilates and yoga are similar and you may want to try both. The main difference between the two toning and strengthening disciplines is that yoga focuses on connecting the body, mind and soul, whereas Pilates concentrates mainly on developing the body's strength — especially from the point of the spine.



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