How do I Choose the Best Weight Loss Detox Diet?

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In order to choose the best weight loss detox diet, it is important to pick one that will work with one's needs and lifestyle and also help one to reach weight loss goals. As many weight-loss experts will say, the best weight loss plans are plans that people can stick to. Although there are many weight loss detox diet programs, not all of them are suitable or even possible to maintain for all people. Intense cleanse systems like the lemonade master cleanse can lead to rapid weight loss. This kind of weight loss detox diet, however, is based on drinking only a lemonade mixture and, in some cases a detox tea, which is not sustainable for some people, even for a few days.

A more manageable weight loss detox diet includes a program of detox supplements and fiber pills. The detox supplements are used to help cleanse the organs in the body and the fiber pills help to clear out the intestines and colon. As part of most detox systems, part of the weight that is lost is simply matter that has built up in the digestive system, which is then flushed out during the detox. These systems usually are packaged with diet instructions that include instructions to maintain a diet low in carbohydrates, processed foods, refined sugar, and fat during the detox.


Some people find that an effective weight loss detox diet involves eating only organic raw foods for a certain period of time while drinking plenty of water and a detox tea. Caffeine is usually avoided on this kind of detox program, but green tea, which is low in caffeine, is usually acceptable because it is so high in antioxidants. Raw organic foods provide lots of nutrition as well as dietary fiber, which can help to clear out the colon. Also, as long as the raw foods are eaten in moderation, people generally lose weight while eating them because they are either fat free or low in fat.

The most dramatic weight loss detox diet is probably the water detox during which only water is consumed for a day or more. Although this weight loss detox diet may cause immediate weight loss, it is generally considered to be unsafe unless supervised by a health care professional. This kind of weight loss detox diet may help with detoxification, but there is a strong likelihood that it can create other health problems and does not usually lead to long-term weight loss.



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