How do I Choose the Best Detox Diet Tea?

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Tea has been used for centuries for purposes of purification and cleansing. Choosing the best detox diet tea depends on goals of the consumer. It is best to purchase products that are low in sugar and made of natural ingredients. This type of tea provides the benefits of detoxifying herbs, while limiting calories.

Dandelion, juniper berry, and ginger are three ingredients that help the body cleanse itself of impurities. Choosing a detox diet tea that includes these ingredients, which contain antioxidants, is a good option. These herbs are known to help the kidneys, liver, and digestive system.

A diet tea is normally sugar free. The best diet tea should be naturally sweetened, with limited artificial flavors. This ensures the body is receiving the purest herbs with fewest chemicals during the cleansing process.

Drinking a detox diet tea is normally associated with a detox diet. This form of diet is normally short in duration because it includes the use of diuretics. It is important to drink plenty of water during a detox diet. This helps to limit the dehydration effects that this type of diet has on the body.

Most diet teas include green tea supplements. This diuretic ingredient causes the body metabolism to increase, which usually causes weight loss. Green tea detox typically includes other herbs that help the body purge fluids and solids through the system.


It is important to include fruits and vegetables in a detox diet tea plan. This helps ensure the body's nutrients are maintained at satisfactory levels. The detox tea will typically cause excessive water loss, which will include essential vitamins and minerals.

People have been using detoxification and purging techniques for centuries to create a healthy body. It was historically used in ancient religions as a means of becoming closer with the supreme being. This has evolved into a healthy ritual for many athletes and fitness experts as a method of keeping the body clean.

A detox tea should also include ingredients that cause cleansing of the intestines. Some good herbs designed for colon cleansing include rhamnus purshiana bark, rubus idaeus leaf, and cassia senna leaf. Using a detox tea with these ingredients will ensure a full flushing of the system.

There are only a few natural-flavor versions of detox tea available. They include green tea, lemon, and honey flavor. Using a detox tea that is made from natural ingredients is preferable to an artificially flavored version. These teas are designed to clean the system and not typically used for daily consumption.



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