What is a Digestive System Cleansing Diet?

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A digestive system cleansing diet involves eating certain foods so as to rid the intestinal tract of excess waste, toxins and parasites. Such a diet also helps keep the body’s natural flora balanced so as to avoid yeast or bacterial infections. Adhering to a digestive system cleansing diet mostly involves eating organic raw foods and drinking a lot of liquids while avoiding foods that have been processed or that are not natural.

Also known as a digestive system cleanse or a raw food cleanse, a digestive system cleansing diet helps naturally rid the body of unhealthy substances. By increasing natural fiber and avoiding unhealthy food choices, the theory behind the digestive system detox is that it restores regular and healthy elimination while also ridding the body of residual waste. Some of the secondary benefits of a digestive system cleansing diet may be that it assists in healthy weight loss, as well as boosts the body’s immune system.

The human digestive system naturally contains certain bacteria considered to be healthy for the body. When bacteria levels rise to abnormal levels, however, bacterial infections or yeast infections may become a major issue for some people. The digestive system cleansing diet is believed to help support healthy levels of yeast and bacteria.


In order to accomplish a digestive system cleansing diet, individuals must only eat raw fruits and vegetables. All processed foods must be strictly avoided, as well as meats. The colon cleansing effects of the diet occur as raw fruits and vegetables naturally increase the amount of fiber entering the digestive tract, which helps stimulate elimination. On a digestive system diet, foods that may cause constipation or that may carry parasites, such as meat and dairy products, and foods that may cause a yeast imbalance, such as processed foods and foods sweetened with sugar, are all replaced with foods that assist in healthy elimination. These foods also boost immunity, provide vital nutrients and support good overall health.

The amount of time spent participating in a digestive system cleansing diet varies from person to person. After existing for a period of time on a raw fruit and vegetable diet, however, many people choose to continue such eating habits indefinitely. It is believed that eating nothing but live foods while avoiding processed and cooked foods not only helps keep the digestive system from being compromised in the future, but also provides vitamins and enzymes that the body needs for better energy, as well as immunity from disease and infections.



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Post 3

I think digestive system cleansing diets are nonsense. We don't need to detox or clean our body because we already have organs that do that. Our kidneys and liver remove toxins from our system and blood and excrete it through urine and bile.

Of course, vegetables and fruits are healthy and beneficial. But they're not foods that should be consumed only while on special cleansing diets. We need to eat fresh fruits and veggies on a regular basis to keep our digestive system healthy.

Post 2

My sister does a digestive system cleansing diet sometimes too. She did it once when she came to visit me. She basically juiced fresh greens and veggies or put them in a blender with water and made smoothies. That's all she had, just green smoothies. I could never do it but she swears that she owes her fitness and health to this diet.

Post 1

I do a fresh, raw fruit cleansing diet for a few days every now and again. It's a great way to clean the system, detox and give the digestive organs a break. I feel lighter, energetic and healthy after this diet. And since it doesn't involve starving, I'm not harming my metabolism.

I basically just eat fresh, raw fruits for two or three days. Sometimes three days can be a challenge but I can do one or two days without a challenge. And that's really enough to detox the system, especially if the diet is done once every three months or so.

I try to select fruits that are in season and that have less sugar, lower glycemic index like melon, peaches, oranges, pineapple and papaya. And I eat all organic fruits from the farmer's market or organic grocery. So there are no pesticides or genetically modified fruits involved.

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