What is the 10-Day Detox?

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A 10-day detox is a nutritional program designed to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. There are many programs built along these lines, and they have slightly different features, but they also share some similarities. Most 10-day detox programs emphasize fluids as the primary sources of calories. In many cases, solid food is removed altogether, and the dieter will only drink fruit juices and nutritional substitutes along with water. The programs that allow for eating food generally require vegetables and fruits only.

When people are taking a 10-day detox, they usually try to avoid anything processed because they want to remove any industrial chemicals from their systems. Canned vegetables would usually be unacceptable, for example, and people may stay away from any kind of dried foods or factory-made juices. Dieters on a 10-day detox also usually stay away from meat because they believe it is often full of unhealthy chemicals, and they fear that it could make their systems more acidic.

The 10-day detox can be helpful in losing weight, but that is not necessarily the primary purpose of the program. People who go on 10-day detox plans believe that chemicals in food are accumulating in their bodies and making them sick. These chemicals have been blamed for everything from cellulite to acne and even serious ailments like cancer. Not all scientists totally agree with these assertions, and some dietitians are actually opposed to detox programs.


These plans have the potential to be somewhat dangerous. When people go on these programs, they cut their calorie total very significantly, and sometimes their bodies don’t respond well to this restriction. People have been known to become very weak on the programs, and they may even suffer fainting spells and other problems. This is especially true with individuals who have special nutritional needs, like diabetics. Many doctors think it is better to choose less extreme programs like a three-day fast or just a regular healthy diet.

Some proponents of 10-day detox programs are also very cautious about recommending them. Many experts say that they should only be attempted by people with bodies that can handle them. These experts might avoid recommending the plans to any person who has a weight issue or is over a certain age, for example. Before starting a 10-day detox program, most experts recommend avoiding any alcohol or cigarettes for several days. This is to help prepare the liver for the mass elimination of toxins that the programs are designed to induce.



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