How do I Perform a Home Detox?

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There are several things needed before you are ready to begin a home detox. First, you will need resolve. For most people, detoxification requires drastic changes, which tend to be extremely challenging. For example, many detox programs restrict people to liquids for several days, while some programs may allow a person to add specified portions of raw vegetables. Since you are probably accustomed to much more liberal eating habits, you will need to be mentally prepared.

You will need to choose the detox program you believe is best for you and will help you achieve your goals. If you are targeting a specific area, there may be some detox programs recommended over others. Before you begin your home detox, you will probably need to go shopping. Many programs require the preparation of special concoctions. These may be made from items you do not regularly keep in stock.

There are several things you are encouraged to do to enhance your home detox. One of them is to drink a lot of water. A lot means you want to drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses per day. Although many people focus on meeting certain measurement goals when it comes to drinking water, you should consider that many health officials also stress the importance of spacing water consumption out over the course of the day.


Skin brushing can also help make your home detox more effective. This is a habit where the skin is stimulated with a hair brush, loofah, or other abrasive object. This is usually done before bathing to help eliminate toxins, to promote cell rejuvenation, and to increase blood circulation.

As is noted above, home detox programs can be quite drastic, but not just psychologically. When you detoxify, your body may go through changes that can produce adverse effects, such as fatigue and dizziness. It is commonly recommended that if a person plans to detox for more than a day or two, she should adjust her schedule so she will be required to do few, if any, energy-intensive tasks.

Many people now recognize that detoxification extends beyond the few days when you attempt to purify your body. Once you have finished the regimen, if you want to experience the benefits of what you have done, you will need to be committed to change. Although you will be able to return to eating a wide range of foods, you will need to be conscious of what you eat and how it is prepared. You will also need to outline previous lifestyle habits that are negative and lifestyle habits that can serve as positive alternatives.



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