How do I Choose the Best Home Cardio Exercises?

Cardiovascular training builds more than large muscle groups and a strong, healthy heart, it releases endorphins that make you feel good. Choose home cardio exercises that naturally fit into your lifestyle and daily routine. Mixing a variety of methods that are enjoyable will increase the likelihood of sticking to a workout schedule.

A common mistake people make when starting home cardio exercises is doing too much too soon. Taking the time to build up to high-intensity cardio generally yields better results. Beginners may wish to start with brisk walking, at least 30 minutes per day, to build endurance. Jogging and swimming are also excellent kinds of cardio that can be done at a comfortable pace.

For those who prefer to exercise indoors, or when inclement weather prohibits outdoor activities, there are hundreds of digital versatile discs (DVDs) on the market dedicated to cardio fitness. Aerobics, kickboxing, and all forms of dance — from salsa to hip-hop — can usually be found in just about any store that carries DVDs. Choose one with music that appeals to you.

The problem most people find with this workout is that, after working out to a DVD a few times, they get bored with the routines. There are a wide variety of options, however, so more than one may be a solution to this problem. Also, trying a new one each week, from a rental-based retailer or library, may keep the experience enjoyable without losing momentum.


Investing in a treadmill, stationary bike, or Stairmaster® can be the perfect solution for creating a home gym. Some cardio machines are compactable and can easily slide under the bed or fit in a storage closet. Theoretically, storing exercise equipment can be easy and convenient, however, if the machine stays there, it will not do much good.

Exercise equipment that you intend to use daily should be accessible and visible. Some people enjoy reading while they use a stationary bike, while others find it difficult to concentrate on a book and prefer to watch television. To get the most out of home cardio exercises, some find it beneficial to workout with a friend.

Listening to music while doing home cardio exercises can provide inspiration and promote longevity. The selection should be upbeat and energetic. A variety of genres can help avoid becoming desensitized to the rhythm.

At the end of daily home cardio exercises, many people choose to continue their workouts with Pilates or yoga. This is because, once muscles have been warmed up, they are ready for toning and strength-training. Pilates and yoga both provide an excellent method for building flexibility, and contribute to a well-rounded workout.



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