How Do I Build a Home Gym?

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Sometimes going to the gym just isn't feasible, or all that pleasant. As an alternative, you can build a home gym with all the components you need to get a good workout, but before you begin making such a gym, you will need to do some planning to ensure you get the most for your money. First off, it is best to think about what types of activities you intend to do in the space once you build a home gym. This will most likely be based on your fitness goals as well as your general interests in fitness.

While you consider what pieces of equipment you will need once you build a home gym, it's a good idea to start planning the physical space. Take accurate measurements within the room or space in the home in which you intend to build a home gym so you get an idea of what machines will fit. Remember that you will need plenty of space around the machines for maneuvering. Don't forget to measure overhead space as well, as many machines can be tall and easily obstructed by a low ceiling.


Prepare the floor for the stress of the machinery as well as for the sake of your own joints. The best surface on which to build a home gym is concrete because it is durable, but it can be very hard on joints, so you should probably cover the concrete with rubber mats. These mats will help ease the tension on your joints without sacrificing any of the strength of the concrete beneath. You can purchase rubber mats from various retail establishments, and to save money, you can buy enough mats to just cover the areas around the machines rather than the entire floor.

Ventilation and lighting are vital components to any space when you build a home gym, not only for comfort, but also for safety. Try to plan out where lights will hang, and make sure these lights will not interfere with any of the machinery. It is wise to choose lights that will not throw off too much heat, as this can raise the temperature of the room and cause an unpleasantly warm atmosphere. If the space already has windows, be sure they can open and close easily for adequate ventilation. Consider placing fans strategically around the room to cool down the space, especially when you are doing cardio exercises that will raise your heart rate considerably.



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