What are the Different Options for Cardio Exercises at Home?

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There are a number of ways to perform cardio exercises at home, some that involve using exercise equipment, some that require no equipment at all, and some that require simply hitting the pavement in one's neighborhood and getting a good dose of fresh air. This also means that people who are interested in performing cardio exercises at home have many options in terms of how much money they invest in their exercise routines. Some exercises require equipment that can cost hundreds of dollars, while others only require a good pair of running shoes. One of the most important things when preparing to perform cardio exercises at home is to first get a physician's clearance, especially for those who are out of shape or have been ill in the past.

Treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines are among the most common machines that people use to perform cardio exercises at home. Rowing machines are also good for cardio exercises and are beneficial for those who are interested in really working their upper bodies as a part of their cardio routines. These machines range in price depending on make and model, but can often be purchased used for less money. This might mean settling for an older model, but it can save one quite a bit of money. Just make sure that the machine is in good working condition before making the purchase.


People who don't want to invest in equipment may want to use videos that will lead them through cardio exercises at home. In order to follow along with these videos, one might not need any equipment at all. There are some videos, however, that require the use of just a few pieces of equipment such as hand weights. The benefit to these sorts of exercise systems is that when they are not in use, all of the necessary equipment can be stored in a cabinet or drawer.

Those who want to get a bit of fresh air as part of their exercise routines should begin a regimen of brisk walking or jogging. These cardio exercises can typically be performed right in one's own neighborhood. As with all kinds of cardio exercises that can be performed at home, the length of the workouts and the intensity of the workouts can be increased as one's level of fitness increases. For added upper body benefit, consider carrying light hand weights while walking briskly.



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