How do I Choose the Best Copywriter Employment?

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Being sure to choose the best copywriter employment will depend on your individual situation and experience level. After all, you can't realistically expect to get a $100 US Dollars (USD) an hour job if you've only completed an internship or have just a few years of experience in copywriting. On the other hand, a seasoned direct mail writer with proven results will often be able to choose such high-paying copywriter employment. Never give up if a six figure copywriting salary is your goal; have that to aim for, but at the same time realize that you'll have to build your skills and credibility to reach that position.

If you use persuasion and perseverance to get an internship, then paid work as a junior copywriter followed by senior work in the field, you're building the foundation to being able to choose your ideal copywriting job. It should go without saying that to get your dream job you have to know exactly what it is, yet many times copywriters only have a vague notion of working in advertising or marketing without pinning down the type of position they actually want. As soon as possible, whether you're still earning an advertising degree or are in a junior writing position, decide what kind of copywriter employment you want. Once you know, you'll be able to research the best possibilities in your area as well as make any changes to your career plan as necessary.


Making personal decisions about copywriting work is important since not all copywriters want the same type of employment. While larger agencies tend to pay the best, the trade-off may be working in a large team under a senior copywriter. For some, this may be the ideal copywriter employment, but for others working in a partnership with a graphic artist in a small, emerging agency may be the best work. As the company grows, the sole copywriter's position could then become a senior one with junior level writers reporting to him or her.

The best copywriter employment is going to make you feel energized about going to work every day. Look for opportunities to work for a supportive, encouraging manager or supervisor. No workplace is going to be perfect, but enjoying the creative, persuasive writing that you do can help minimize any negative aspects, such as a noisy atmosphere or annoying co-workers. The closest match you can find in a copywriting position to your future goals, whether it's to run your own agency or to become a marketing manager or creative director, is likely to be the best copywriter employment for you.



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