How do I Choose the Best Copywriting Work?

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Copywriting is an industry that is expanding. The copywriting job market is growing, and there is a wider variety of areas from which you can choose. To choose the best copywriting jobs, there are several things that you typically should consider. These include pay, job difficulty, and the clients for which you would work.

An increase in copywriting work means that more people can now collect earnings in this field. This increase can have a negative impact, though: more people working in the field means that there is more competition. Unfortunately, competition often drives prices down while the overall cost of living continues to rise.

It is best to closely assess the pay that is offered for a job. Many writers – even those with a great deal of experience – have begun taking jobs where compensation is not worthy of the work that is required. In many cases, these writers are aware that they are underpaid, but they choose to do the work anyway. Consider carefully whether you want to become one of them. Accepting under-paying jobs may give you some money today but it can hurt the market and your progress over time.


To consider whether copywriting work is worth the price offered, you must consider the difficulty of the assignment. This includes considering whether research will have to be done or if you will need the help of people with specialized skills. You also need to estimate how long the job is likely to take. Doing this may allow you to calculate an hourly rate. This can be a good aid in determining whether to take a certain job or not.

When deciding which copywriting work is best for you, you should consider your interests and special knowledge. This can make you a more attractive candidate for the jobs that you want. It can also help you provide a quality job at a quicker pace. For example, if you are a part-time travel agent, you may want to look for travel copywriting work. Accepting assignments on little-known subjects can add excitement to your work, but it can also slow you down.

Finding copywriting work can often take a great deal of time. To prevent stagnant periods, it is best to work with clients that can offer you on-going assignments. This does not mean that you should never take one-off assignments. It simply means that you typically should balance your workload so that you can have a steady income.

Also, try to choose influential clients. These may be those who are widely recognized or it may be those who are widely connected. Copywriting is about exposure. You typically should make it a goal to use your work for personal exposure. This means that you should try to choose clients that can help you acquire more clients.



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