How do I Become a Marketing Copywriter?

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In order to become a marketing copywriter, you will need academic or professional experience in both advertising strategies and writing techniques. Whether you want to work on a freelance basis or within an advertising firm, a solid knowledge of marketing and a flair for language are both integral to successful copywriting. While some potential clients or employers will expect certain academic qualifications from their copywriter candidates, others may be more interested in an individual with a strong professional track-record in copywriting first and foremost. Therefore, ensuring you have as much of both as possible is the best strategy to become a marketing copywriter.

Earning the right academic credentials is a good first step toward building a successful career in copywriting. Marketing courses will equip you with the knowledge of copywriting strategies which successfully grab the public’s attention, including how to effectively phrase copy and select the words which will resonate with the select demographic. An education in marketing will also arm you with the knowledge of how the copy fits into the design elements of an advertisement, and how you must collaborate with designers, marketing analysts, and other advertising professionals in order to become a marketing copywriter.


An eye for typographical errors and the ability to write in a concise and compelling style are also important skills to have if you plan to become a marketing copywriter. A degree or certificate in English or Journalism teaches you the essentials of writing strong copy, especially when paired with the techniques of consumer persuasion taught in marketing.

The best way to gain the initial professional experience required to become a marketing copywriter is to intern or volunteer at an advertising agency. Watching professional copywriters work in tandem with other marketers to create ads for print, the web, radio, and TV can give you an invaluable understanding of the advertising process. Even if your professional experience with an ad agency is not compensated, such as an unpaid internship, you can add any copy you may produce for the agency into a portfolio, with the agency’s permission. Another way to get your foot in the door of professional copywriting is to volunteer to take on copywriting responsibilities for an organization that produces their own ads in-house instead of contracting an ad agency.



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