How do I Become an Internet Copywriter?

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In order to become an Internet copywriter, one must have an ability to write clearly and to conform to different style guides, as per the requirements of your employers or freelance clients. The Internet is full of text, all of which is written by copywriters who either work as freelancers, independent contractors, or as employees of the website's owner. As each website has a specific focus, the text has to conform to that focus. The text in a website dedicated to teen fashion, for example, would have a very different tone and format than the text for an academic site for biologists.

There are a number of routes a writer can pursue to find work when as an Internet copywriter. A writer can work for an agency that hires out freelancers. One can also try to get a job working directly for a website. Retail companies with large websites and an inventory that changes on a regular basis, for example, require copywriters to keep the text on their sites fresh and up to date. Unlike other fields where a specific type of training leads to a specific type of job, writers have to be a bit creative about finding work as they become Internet copywriters.


As a writer begins his path to become an Internet copywriter, he will need to develop a strong resume and portfolio. The portfolio should consist of a selection of writing samples. Writers should be sure to tailor their portfolios for each application sent to companies looking for copywriters. If the company happens to be a pet store that has a website with information about products and pet care, for example, a writer should include samples of work that he has done for retail sites in the past. He should also include any samples of writing he's done about animals.

A great way to develop a portfolio to become an Internet copywriter is to intern or take a lower-level job at a company that will require writing web content, copy for brochures, or press releases. If a writer has any friends who own small businesses, he could offer to write some content for their sites. Another great way to develop a portfolio as an Internet copywriter is to keep a blog. This way a writer can write about a vast array of topics and show those writing clips to potential employers. Also, having a web presence is a great way to attract new freelance clients or employers as one works to become an Internet copywriter.



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