How do I Choose the Best Copywriter Work?

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For professional writers of ad copy, websites, articles or brochures, choosing the best copywriter work often means finding projects that both pay well and fit within their areas of specialization. For example, a copywriter who writes mainly travel brochures may need extra time to do research before writing materials about the auto industry. The longer a project takes a copywriter to complete, the less money he or she makes. For instance, if copywriter work pays $300 US Dollars (USD) and takes the writer 15 hours to complete, it works out to $20 per hour, but if he or she can do it in 10 hours, the rate moves up to $30 an hour.

Gauging how long a copywriting assignment will take to finish isn't always easy for an inexperienced copywriter to estimate. It's important when negotiating copywriter work with clients to get all the details before agreeing on a price. If the research is already included, the project may take a lot less time. The best copywriting clients pay some of the money in advance; many copywriters like to work on a 50 percent upfront and 50 percent delivery basis so that they're not in danger of working without a client paying them anything. With this advance payment system, the copywriter will have at least half of the project fee if the client won't pay the rest.


The pay rates for copywriters vary widely. In general, the worst copywriter work can be found on bidding web sites because those clients are typically after cheap labor. Copywriters bid project or hourly rates based on projects posted on the bidding websites by people needing copywriting work done. Blogs are also usually low-paying copywriting assignments.

High pay rates can often be enjoyed by copywriters with success writing sales copy such as direct marketing pieces and fundraising letters. This type of copywriter work requires talent for creating words that sell. A marketing background and degree are helpful in getting paid well for this work, but a track record of good results can earn most talented copywriters large incomes. Results refer to the response rate, or number of people responding to the copywriter's letters or Internet marketing pieces. Direct marketers test each copywriter's response rates.

Advertising work may also pay well as it can lead to a full-time job with opportunities for advancement. Full-time in-house copywriter work is difficult to find since the field is extremely competitive. However, a copywriter or aspiring one willing to persevere has a good chance of eventually working in an advertising agency if the drive and talent are there. Aspiring advertising copywriters should study the industry, create a portfolio and keep trying to get it to creative directors at agencies. Eventually, good creative ideas are likely to get noticed and give the aspiring ad writer a chance to convince the hiring manager to hire him or her for full-time copywriter work.



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