How do I Choose the Best Bodybuilding Equipment?

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The goal for most bodybuilders is to build muscle mass quickly, and the best method for doing so is by using free weights. These weights are individual units that can come as either cast units at specific weights or discs that can be attached to a barbell or dumbbell for more adjustability. These weights are indispensable bodybuilding equipment that should be a part of any bodybuilder's training system. Weight benches and power racks are other important pieces of bodybuilding equipment, as are weight training gloves and back support belts. When choosing equipment, be sure to consider both the amount of space you have available for equipment and your budget.

A bodybuilder who will be working out on his or her own will want to consider a power rack as one of the first pieces of bodybuilding equipment for purchase. This metal cage will allow you to lift weights without a spotter nearby, and it will help you improve your lifting form to help prevent injury and increase muscle mass quickly and properly. These units can be quite large, so it is important to measure your space before purchasing such a rack. This piece of bodybuilding equipment can also be fairly expensive, so be sure to budget appropriately for it.


Free weights should be purchased as well, though you will need to do a bit of research before diving in and purchasing a set. These weights come in two general varieties: standard weights and Olympic weights. The difference between the two is the hole in which a barbell or dumbbell can be slid: Olympic weights and bars will allow for higher weights, while standard weights with a narrower hole will be limited in how much weight one can lift. Olympic weights are more expensive, but they may be a good investment for the serious bodybuilder who does not want his progress to be limited by his bodybuilding equipment.

A sturdy weight bench will also be necessary. Some weight benches are smaller than others and are designed only for lighter weights, while others are meant for heavier Olympic weights. Choose the most appropriate bench for your purposes, budget, and space constraints. Consider purchasing a weight bench that is adjustable for comfort and to allow for different types of weight training exercises. The padding on the bench should be enough to keep you comfortable while lifting, but not so soft that you will sink in while lifting the weights.



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