What are the Pros and Cons of Bodybuilding Machines?

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The main pro of bodybuilding machines is that the user's body gets locked into proper position, allowing him to work out without the need for a spotter. This feature makes machines an ideal choice for pregnant women, older people, and injured athletes who need to stay fit without straining the vulnerable parts of their bodies. The cons of using bodybuilding machines include the bulk and cost of buying one. The fact that some machines are not suited for all body types is another factor to consider.

Bodybuilding machines lock the user into making controlled movements that target specific muscle groups. This maximizes the impact on the muscles, providing quicker results on targeted body parts. Although this prevents the user from getting a full-body workout, it also protects against injury because little balance is required from the user. In addition, spotters do not need to assist individuals working out on bodybuilding machines; there is a negligible chance that the user will get stuck under the weight should he lose his grip.

Unlike using free weights, machines enable the user to maintain perfect form throughout the workout. Bodybuilding machines are designed to lock the body into the correct position, and most of them come with diagrams that illustrate the proper form for every exercise. With free-weight training, all kinds of movements can be made, which leaves plenty of room for mistakes. For this reason, machines are a popular choice among beginner exercisers.


As with all types of exercise equipment, there are cons to using bodybuilding machines. They are not as compact and portable as free weights, making them an impractical choice for users who live in smaller spaces. They are also quite expensive; the large short-term investment on the purchase might be too much for some individuals in comparison to a gym membership.

The biggest advantage of bodybuilding machines is also its biggest con. Since it can only target a single muscle group, the user cannot get much out of a single workout. Free weights allow the user to exercise several muscle groups, which provides the nervous system with the stimuli it needs to build muscle all over the body. Bodybuilding machines do not provide as much stimulation, which means it will take longer for visible full-body results to appear.

In addition, not all body types can benefit from bodybuilding machines. Even though most machines are adjustable, very tall or very short people might have difficulty positioning themselves correctly in the equipment. Performing exercises improperly cannot yield good results from the workout, and it increases the risk of injury.



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